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Infinity Change Solutions is a woman owned and led consulting company focused on the intersection of strategic leadership, organizational design and technology to drive business results.  My goal is to assist leaders with increasing employee engagement and adoption to further capitalize on their process and technology investments. 

Since 2001, I’ve been managing teams and advising leadership during times of technology enabled change.   The tech is the easy part.  The "where do we start?" is the challenge.  Planning how to select the tool, implement, educate and inform user communities and leverage the talents and potential of employees is the where the greatest opportunities can be found.   

People and process often is the most intimidating work - changing culture when there's no technology to drive the change can often be harder than any system project.  By taking your vision and goals, business can be transformed with the tools you have in place.


Using my experience across industries and leveraging my passion for people and results, the synergy between these elements can be found. 

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